Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We love Aunt Tess!

On our way to the Dr. we stopped
in Lovel to see Aunt Tess.
She came down from Powell
(about 15 miles or so)
It was so beautiful
out. No wind!!!
Ford didn't think much of the slide.
Ford and Aunt Tess.
Ford isn't smiling..
but if he were you could
see the cute dimples he has like
Aunt Tess.

Just pick me up....

Ford loved the "real grass".

Look at me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Happy Halloween Family

I love Halloween!
When most people have
Christmas Villages
I have a Halloween Village.






Our Happy Family

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Midvale Round-Up

It was the most beautiful day
to start Midvale Round-Up.
The guys started about 7:00am
and we went out about
noon. It was 50 or so and no wind!!!
There they come.
All of the snow has melted and you would
never know that we had over a foot just
a week ago.
The foothills behind us
(Wind Rivers) still have tons.

Linc relaxing after getting to the final cut
at Winchesters.

Madi on Gabby.

Grandpa took a break from riding
and he is doing his yelling from the truck.
Ford thought it was great to yell
at the cows as long
as he wasn't too close.

Lincoln on Madi's horse Gabby.
Linc's horse is too jumpy at the moment.
He needs along pack trip to calm down.
Lincoln heading up the heard.

Madi and Ford waited for the guys to
bring the cows over the ridge.
He just watched and watched.
I know someday he will want to ride just like

Friday, October 17, 2008

Curls and more Curls

For those of you who know
my crazy hair,
you can now see it in Ford's.
He still has us all
for his hair color,
but not for the CURL!!
Curly... Curly... Curly!

Let me say it one more time.....
Curly... Curly... Curly!

Now... look on top.

This is my bed head, right after I get up.
I have to eat before I even
think about getting a

Sunday, October 12, 2008


When it snows we can find all kind of things to do.
The day starts off with Grandpa taking us for a ride in
the ranger to check all the farm critters.
As you can see, Ford didn't make it too far.
Ford loves to ride the 4wheelers, no matter
who is driving.
Everyone fights over riding with Mike and
Elle was one of our Boarder Coley Pups.

Mom and Ford...and Fancy

Mom and Ford taking another spin
behind Mike.
If only Weston was here to see all
the snow. He hates missing the first big snow.
His sled is waiting for him.....
Lincoln riding Madi's 4wheeler.

All the kids... and the kids up the road
came out for a spin on the sleds.
Mike, Matt and Wes took turns taking everyone
around the pasture.
Madi is finishing up her snowman.

Madi and Tierra starting to make
a snowman.

More snow!

Well after 2 1/2 we have a total of
13 inches of snow!
It has been forever since
we have had this much snow in October.
We do need it and it will put
a lot of moisture into the
ground before the big freeze.
Fancy had a hard time too!
Wyoming Snow Blower

This is my huge Lilac tree in my
front yard.
There was so much snow, that the
branches were touching
the ground.
Front yard after 2 1/2 days of snow.

Back yard

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ford is looking out the big window
and pointing at the snow.
This is the first time he
has seen it (well... that he knows of).
He really doesn't know what to think of it.
East side of the house.
Madi is in the background
getting the sleds out.
Lincoln is out in the shed getting the
4wheeler to pull Madi behind.
Back yard to the West.

Over night it snowed!

Last night(10-10-08) about 6:30.
Just a little snow, enough to see.
Front yard.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall is Here and Almost Gone

We have spent the last few weekends
up on the mountains moving cows and
this is what we look at.
We are so lucky to look out at
the range and see nothing but
beautiful colors.
Rock Creek

Rock Creek below the cabin.

Madi hanging out by the cabin.
Ford waking up in the Ranger.

Ford loved riding around in the Ranger.
We put his car-seat in and off
we went.
It was so nice to have my hands free
and Ford safe.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I finally decided that it was okay to introduce
Oreo's to Ford, even tho he has no teeth.
Ford loved you can see.
His little fat fingers had a hard time holding them,
so he had to use his entire hand. Make that
both hands!