Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Baby is 1!

Ford turned 1 on the 27th of December.
I didn't know if I wanted to cry
or laugh.
He has been such a great blessing to us and
such an eye opener.
Life would never be the same
if we didn't have him!
I love you Ford Weston!!
Today is my big day and I woke up
in the best mood!!
I am waiting to see what I got!!

Look!! A new wagon from Aunt Shino!

I can push it all by myself!

Am I cute or what?!

Mom showing me a new truck!

My Ford cake!!
(I free-handed this....I could
of used a little help!!)
My first cake and I am going to eat it all!

I did eat it all!

I even had to have a bath!

Me and my Momma!!
I am all clean!
The only time Grandma Jane can hold me is
when I am asleep....well my birthday
was too much and I had to have a nap!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day 3 Times Over!!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.
It was so fun watching the kids open
gifts 3 different times. It was
kind of fun spreading
it out that way!!!
Weston was in the process
of coming home Christmas Day
and that is all the kids really
wanted....was dad.
Well, I did too!!!
Linc is always going through Pencils and takes
the ones I love...so Santa was supper nice this
Madi got more "Groovy Girls"!!

Ford got a new tractor from Josh.
Thanks Josh!!

He loved opening his first present...and that was all
he wanted....well until we went to Grandpas.

Ford and cousin Zane.
Zane is only 3 pounds lighter than Ford,
but 8 months younger.
Ford got a new truck from Aunt Shino!

Grandpa Lyle made Madi a
new doll bed.

Madi and her new scrapbooking
stuff from Aunt Shino!

After 2 Christmas Openings the kids
found a huge box to play in while
wasting time waiting for Dad to come home.
Time couldn't go fast enough.
Linc finally go his PSP.
He just new Santa would bring it...
he has Santa's phone number!!
Dad FINALLY got home....3 hours late.
Ford opened his new books with dad and
had to get a few pages in before his "big"
Santa gift.
I got my very own 4Wheeler!!!
I love Santa!!

Madi and Linc showing Ford where the
go button was...it only
took once and he knew what to do.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Weston's Home away from Home

This is Weston's other home...
the Discoverer Clear Leader.
This picture was taken
at the naming ceremony
in Okpo.
Can you see the little
guy...this thing is huge.

Parked in the Dock.

Tug Boat at work.

Trying to park.
Weston has been
in charge of the electrical
side of this new build
for over a year now.
Hopefully in a few
short month....he thinks..
he will be headed home
to the states
(Gulf of Mexico).

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we have
the David get together!
At this point there are over 100 of us and
there are at least 3 on the way!!
No one has a big enough house or shop to hold
all of us...so we rent the Fair Building!!
The kids get to run around and
play with cousins that they don't
see too often.
Trae loved jumping on Madi and she loved it too!
Ford and Uncle Mike!

Riley and Ford....gee where did we get all
the red hair!
Lincoln and the guys!

Just a few of the family members!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Traditions!

December is full of Traditions,

some old some new!

The David's have a tradition of getting

Christmas Trees together (all 60 or so of us)

up on South Pass the 1st part of December.

This year, Ford was sick so I missed out.

I didn't want a real tree either

(Weston was gone and I didn't want to mess with it).

So I put up Madi's and Lincoln's trees

down stairs, instead of in their rooms.

All of the decorations on Madi's tree

are colors that match her

room and tree and are very very girly!!

Oh...the lights are purple!!!

Lincoln has hunting and cowboy decorations

on his little tree.

It is now time to get Ford his own tree

and I think he will have cars and trucks!!
Hopefully FORDS!!!

We also spend a lot of time at Mike and Cindy's house.

My kids love Mike, and to them

he is a great uncle!

Ford and Trish are hanging out...he is a little sleepy!

Madi, Kadon, Lincoln, Tierra and Ford!

Card time...Madi wins most games!!

This is Ford after is he done writing his

letter to Santa....

He watches Madi write things down

and he thinks he can too.

Dear Santa....

I am a very good boy!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Concert

Once again it was
time for the annual
Christmas Concert at school.
This year it was short and sweet!!
We love our new Music Teacher!!
Madi looked so beautiful in her black
skirt(big and poofy) and
her read sweater.
Lincoln isn't into the
singing at all. He did
look very nice...even
with his "Big Red Santa"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Driving along with my Sister's "PINK"car!

Madi thought if would be cute if
Ford would play with
her "pink" car.
Ford loved pushing it around the house.As you can see..Cowgirl Molly is riding
on the hood...not recommended, for those
of you wanting fun!!!
As you can see...Molly was thrown off the
car, and is no longer with us.

Ford, found Molly... and she is back riding
inside the car.
Ford finally gave up the joy ride with the
"pink" car and Molly and her friend.
Who know what Madi will think of next!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Day in Shoshoni

We started of Thanksgiving just right..
a piece of Jerky from Uncle Aaron's
elk...what a perfect breakfast.
Jack and Lincoln were Thankful too!
Jack is the newest member of the
David Petting Zoo!
Ford and cousin Brock
wondering when lunch will come.

Ford and Brock playing a little
Turkey Music.

Too much Turkey!
All 9 cousin together....there is one on the way,
due any time now!!
Heather, Brock, Kimball, Josh, Lincoln,
Paige, Hannah, Madi and Ford.