Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flowers of Houston

I have spent the last 12 days in Houston.
The only thing I can say that I liked
about Houston
were the beautiful Flowers.

I did learn a few things tho....
To live in Houston You Must

1. Have Big Boobs...real Big Boobs
2. Wear 4 inch heals all day
every day...every where you go
3. Drive like Crazy
4. Talk No English


Zent Family said...

Houston? Sounds like Southern California!! You did leave out, however, the extremely uncomfortable tight clothes... even if your body type does not lean itself to such fashion.

Sandy said...

So I guess you were a little out of place? Better save up for those implants after all:)

wyochats said...

All of those flowers make me jealous I wish we had something in bloom.

The G's said...

The flowers are beautiful -- but I am more impressed with the photography!! Wow!

jake said...

Did you see any bluebonnets? Those are my favorite flower in Texas this time of year.

I spent two years down there, so what you are saying rings pretty true. What you didn't see was that many of those fancy people lived in the biggest, redneck trailers you have ever seen.